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Welcome to The Inspiring Greatness Blog

Welcome to TorchPro’s Inspiring Greatness Blog where the team, our athletes and our consumers tell stories from our journey, and share relevant and inspirational stories for our community.

In March 2021 – TorchPro the Company &  TorchPro.com the Platform were introduced to the world.  This is the next chapter, a new beginning, with a safe place for the best athletes and contributors in the world to share their stories. 

Evolved from years of work and vision from co-founders, Matt Fornataro and Joe Pavelski in building Kompany39, it was the fusion of new capital, new investors, and a new team with the addition of The Morning Blitz that gave new life to TorchPro’s chief aim of changing the way world-class athletes, fans and brands interact, digitally, and passing along the knowledge of those before us.


Our purpose is simple, to Inspire Greatness.  


We believe that Athletes have opportunities and a responsibility to build their digital brand and tell their stories while they are playing.  Who are they behind the jersey, what pushes and motivates them, what skills, characteristics, and stories have allowed them to reach the pinnacle of their athletic career? It’s those stories that will inspire millions of people to ignite the best they have in themselves. 

The Inspiring Greatness blog will be a place that the TorchPro team can share relevant information for athletes, consumers, and brands.  We’ll help Athletes think about ways to grow their brand, prepare for their lives after their sport, and create meaningful and long-lasting business opportunities that last long after their playing career.  For consumers, we’ll share stories of how young athletes and fans are leveraging the platform to be better than they were before they had such access.  And we’ll share the unique and interesting ways brands are working with the athletes as the conduit to amply their storytelling. 

Our TorchPro Platform, TorchPro.com – which is free when you sign up, will be the home of all this athlete, coach, and trainer content.  It’s a place to get curated, premium, and authentic access to some of the best athletes in the world.  To learn more about how they got to where they are, deeper access to who they are as people, and the things they care about that go beyond the game.  It’s a safe and exciting place for both fans, consumers, and athletes to engage like never before. 

We’ll have some fun along the way, staying true to our core values with a responsibility and commitment to passing along the knowledge of others to inspire the next generation!

If you haven’t already, visit TorchPro to sign up for free and access all our original content.  Stay tuned to the Inspiring Greatness Blog for more from the team soon!


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