Georges Niang Shirt-Faced Joel Embiid!

Georges Niang created a viral moment for Joel Embiid’s birthday.


At the start of this season, Joel Embiid famously reflected, “I used to think [Georges] sucked, honestly.” Since then, Georges knew he’d have to do something special for his BFF’s birthday.

So, Georges and TorchPro called on Johnny ShirtFaced — the superfan behind the most viral t-shirt pranks in sports: Jimmy Garoppolo (by George Kittle), Cooper Kupp (by Andrew Whitworth), and Coach John Harbaugh (by Lamar Jackson). But Georges wanted to give Joel a moment bigger than all of those.

Georges found the best-looking headshot of Joel’s career (you be the judge) and with the help of his teammates, Georges set out to make this a birthday Joel never forgets — whether he’d like to or not!

Happy Birthday, Joel!

Your pals,

-Georges and the TorchPro Family