We are a sports media company providing the next generation and fans with unprecedented access to the best athletes in the world.

Torch Pro gives players, fans, parents and coaches access to elite athletes and the knowledge that has helped them get there. We also provide athletes with the playbook, education and tools to build their digital brand to engage with their audience.



Our purpose is to inspire greatness from the next generation through better access and deeper relationships with the best athletes in the world.


We provide athletes with the tools to unlock their digital brand potential, grow a loyal and interactive community, and establish brand equity that will endure beyond their playing career.


Brands can access our marketplace of the most influential athletes in the world by leveraging their audiences to gain exposure across a new customer landscape.

Our platform is designed to inform, inspire and ignite anyone trying to gain an edge in life

Our marketplace is changing the way world class athletes interact with their followers and fans, by providing unprecedented access. This insider knowledge and access helps future generations not only become better athletes but more importantly become better human beings. By joining our community, we will create a closer relationship between the stars of today and the future stars of tomorrow. Find your edge.


Bryan Goodwin

President, CRO & Co-Founder

Matt Fornataro

CEO & Co-Founder

Joe Pavelski


Danny Healey

Head of Content Strategy

Noah Cartwright

Head of Business Operations

Rob Bellamy

Business Development & Production


Video Producer & Director

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