TorchPro Chats with Pittsburgh Steelers TE Pat Freiermuth!

Pat becomes the first NFL athlete to join the TorchPro platform

Every person is unique and walks their own path, that’s why we wanted to give athletes the platform, tools, and the chance to tell their own authentic stories and give fans access to seeing these professionals as who they are off the field. Pat Freiermuth, Tight End for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is one of the most authentic individuals you could talk to and places an emphasis on just being himself. This was evident when we asked him what advice he would give to future generations of athletes, and just fans in general.

“Everyone’s process is different. Their story, their upbringing, and their abilities are different from anyone else. Don’t look to someone else and try to be that person or copy them exactly, be true to yourself and focus on what you need to focus on to improve,” says Freiermuth.

Pat grew up in Merrimac, Massachusetts, playing multiple sports, trying to stay busy, and putting his energy to productive use. He didn’t actually consider himself to be a football player, or focus on pursuing a career in football until his sophomore year at Brooks School in North Andover. Prior to this season, Pat always thought his primary sport would be lacrosse or basketball. 

Growing up, Pat’s family played a major role in shaping him into the person and athlete he has become. His parents, both teachers, tried to raise him to be humble and appreciative of his abilities, but also to be welcoming and accepting of others. Pat considers his older brother to have one of the biggest impacts on his life. “He and his friends were never rude to me, they always invited me to play with them and were great role models as athletes and for sportsmanship by showing it through genuine actions,” says Freiermuth.

As Pat progressed throughout his career and his junior year at Penn State was coming to a close, he was getting encouragement from those around him and close to the game that he had first-round draft potential and had a high chance of going the first night. Flash forward to the 2020 season and the Big 10 conference has decided to suspend play due to Covid-19, so Pat would not be playing a senior season. “When this happened, I had to come to terms with and accept that being a first-round pick may not be in the cards, and that was okay, but that I could still make it.” Pat says that the 2021 NFL draft was the most stressful thing that he had ever been a part of, and as the first day came to a close without his name being called he still kept hope. Pat was selected during the second round at pick number fifty-five by the Pittsburgh Steelers. “When I got the call, I literally couldn’t be happier. I was going to such a storied franchise with a rich history and since being a part of the team, I can say it really feels like the perfect fit.”

Since making the transition from a student-athlete to a professional football player, Pat says one of the biggest adjustments has been finding outlets that are away from football. In college, Pat was surrounded by friends, had a built-in social network and social life, and had classes that required him to shift his focus, but now as an NFL athlete, football is his job and requires much more of his time and energy. Pat says his teammates and the city of Pittsburgh have made the adjustment much easier and he has already made incredible friendships, especially with his fellow tight ends. 

When asking Pat what his personal goals are for his career and life, he says there are two main things he hopes to accomplish. “First, I want to be the absolute best Pat Freiermuth I can, as a teammate, a player, and a person. I want to improve myself every day. Second, I want to eventually create a foundation that focuses on helping inner-city and traditionally underserved schools keep updated textbooks and resources for advancing their student’s educations. Growing up with parents who were both teachers, I have realized how difficult it can be to truly teach and give kids the best experience without the proper resources.”

“We are so excited to have Pat join the TorchPro family and we are excited to help him share his story and reach his goals,” says Matt Fornataro, CEO, and CoFounder of TorchPro. “As a player who is so early in his career, we know that Pat will be an incredible influence and inspiration for those his message touches.”

Check out Pat Freiermuth’s athlete profile on TorchPro to see his exclusive content and how he is inspiring greatness in future generations.