Pat Freiermuth: Journey to the NFL

Pat Freiermuth sat down with TorchPro’s Danny Healey to talk about his journey from multi-sport athlete to the NFL, his time at Penn State and being a student-athlete, how he hopes to inspire and give back to the next generation, growing up in Massachusetts, and more!

Pat grew up in Merrimac, Massachusetts, playing multiple sports, trying to stay busy, and putting his energy to productive use. He didn’t actually consider himself to be a football player, or focus on pursuing a career in football until his sophomore year at Brooks School in North Andover. Prior to this season, Pat always thought his primary sport would be lacrosse or basketball.

Growing up, Pat’s family played a major role in shaping him into the person and athlete he has become. His parents, both teachers, tried to raise him to be humble and appreciative of his abilities, but also to be welcoming and accepting of others. Pat considers his older brother to have one of the biggest impacts on his life. “He and his friends were never rude to me, they always invited me to play with them and were great role models as athletes and for sportsmanship by showing it through genuine actions,” says Freiermuth.

When asking Pat what his personal goals are for his career and life, he says there are two main things he hopes to accomplish. “First, I want to be the absolute best Pat Freiermuth I can, as a teammate, a player, and a person. I want to improve myself every day. Second, I want to eventually create a foundation that focuses on helping inner-city and traditionally underserved schools keep updated textbooks and resources for advancing their student’s educations. Growing up with parents who were both teachers, I have realized how difficult it can be to truly teach and give kids the best experience without the proper resources.”

“We are so excited to have Pat join the TorchPro family and we are excited to help him share his story and reach his goals,” says Matt Fornataro, CEO, and CoFounder of TorchPro. “As a player who is so early in his career, we know that Pat will be an incredible influence and inspiration for those his message touches.”