Joe’s Path to the Pros: Episode 4

From small town to the big city at the University of Wisconsin, the journey continues to make his boyhood dream a reality

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In this episode of Joe’s Path to the Pros…

we take an inside look at Joe Pavelski of the Dallas Stars time at the University of Wisconsin, and get to hear how he knew Wisconsin was the place for him during his first official visit. Pavelski of the Dallas Stars speaks about his biggest fears going into his freshmen year after hearing how tough the workouts were from some of his teammates. We learn how getting through tough workouts built confidence, and a sense of strength that pushed him to the next level. Badger strength and conditioning coach at the time, Mike Potenza, speaks about how Pavs wasn’t the biggest or fastest guy as a freshman, but his work ethic and training development is what made Pavs lead the nation and badgers in scoring his freshman year with 45 points. 

After losing to Michigan in the first round his freshmen year…

Joe Pavelski explains how the team became motivated for the next season. It caused them to play with a chip on their shoulder.  We look at how Pavs lead-by-example style became contagious when he decided to put in extra work in the weight room. He began doing a whole other workout after practice, which eventually caused his teammates to join in. Pavs explains how in his sophomore season, the Badgers’ goal was to take care of business. They wanted to have a playoff path that would go through the state of Wisconsin, giving them the advantage. Take a look at how the kid from Clover Wisconsin led the Badgers to a National Championship victory in 2006.

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