Myles Jones: Rapid Fire Q&A

Midfielder for the Redwoods of the Premier Lacrosse League sat down with TorchPro to give us an inside look at his life and the man he is on and off the field.

Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Myles: LeBron James. Not because he is the best player, but because I admire his work ethic and how hard he plays.

Favorite athlete to watch in current-day sports?

Myles: Kevin Durant. To see the finesse he plays with, the ability to facilitate for his team but also know his own strengths and weaknesses to make the big plays. I also respect that he isn’t 

the traditional archetype for his position and that he found the best playing style for him.

Best moment of your sports career?

Myles: Winning the national championship my sophomore year at Duke. It was just an incredible season and journey.

Favorite move on the field?

Myles: The bull dodge. I use it less frequently, but I love that it can set me up for so many different outcomes and moves after it.

Best teammate you’ve ever had?

Myles: Deemer Class. We played together for four years at Duke, but it goes beyond just that. He was so obsessed with the game and working hard to better himself that it helped make me a better player by being around him. I remember sitting in class together when Inside Lacrosse put out their list for ‘10 Best Midfield Units heading into the 2014 Season’ and we weren’t on it (nor should we have been realistically) but it was such a motivator for both of us. We spent every day of the next month shooting, before or after practices and on off days, and he helped me keep the drive and elevate my game by grinding with me.

Favorite Music Artist?

Myles: Drake. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Myles: St. Thomas. That place is unreal. I jumped off of a 55-foot cliff and got to swim with sea turtles, so pretty hard to beat that.

What is one word that best describes you?

Myles: Chameleon. I always tell people that I am a social chameleon, and I can adapt and blend in any social setting. If someone looking from the outside were to see my various groups of friends and try to find the connection, they couldn’t; that connection is me. Also, totally my spirit animal.