Speak Your Mind (EP. 14): Dan O’Toole – The Face of Canadian Sports

Dan O’Toole a is legend in Canadian sports television and an advocate for mental health.


Dan O’Toole spent over a decade as the host of several TV shows at TSN including SportsCentre.
He had a dramatic exit from TV back in 2021 and is open about going down a dark path that was driven by alcohol. Since then, Dan has gotten a handle on his drinking problem and been a really active member in the recovery community going out of his way to help others. The Speak Your Mind squad has a great conversation about his days on TV, his road to recovery and was an extremely inspirational chat!
He is now the host of a podcast called “Boomsies!”. Dan is a man with tons of positive energy and is a joy to chat with, hope you enjoy the conversation!

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