The Best Dressed Modern NBA Players

Find your passion and then show it off for the world to see.

The NBA is full of players that have unique styles and many have gained notoriety for their pre game outfits. It adds an element of surprise to the NBA and a well spirited competition between guys in the league. The following list compiles a variety of players whose stylers range, but we have deemed as consistently being the ‘Best Dressed’

Russell Westbrook


One of the more eccentric players and personalities in the NBA, Westbrook is a true maverick (not a Dallas one). Famous for bumping to Lil Uzi Vert’s “Do What I Want”, Westbrook carries this message into his fashion choices. Perhaps the most iconic of these choices being when he arrived at a game in an all white outfit accompanied by an orange vest reading “Official Photographer” written across the front, an apparent dig at former teammate Kevin Durant who dabbles in photography. Continuing his carefree attitude, he once wore a simple yellow t-shirt that reads “Why Not?”, paired with teal joggers. Westbrook’s style can be hard to define due to the variety of his outfits, but this is a reflection of his as a person and player, a true testament to what fashion is. If you have any questions about how much fashion means to him and his commitment to it, look not further than to his book published by Rizzoli Publications, a leading global art and fashion publication

PJ Tucker


Known as the ultimate sneakerhead, PJ Tucker does not let his fashion sense end there. His career has taken him to all over the world, including places like Israel, Greece, Germany and Ukraine. Tucker credits his fashion sense to his travel, as it opened him up to fashion on a global scale. With that being said, he attends seasonal fashion week shows in Paris, Milan and New York, sitting front row at some of his favorite designers including Balmain, Tom Ford, Sacai and Pyer Moss. Tucker’s pregame outfits can seem to the untrained eye as experimental or zany but he feels confident in being different. One of his more noteworthy looks includes a cosmic floral button down shirt paired with a vibrart tailored red trousers and a limited edition pair of Nike Air Max 1’s. He also dabbles with coordinating outfits including an unforgettable white on white Candian tuxedo with pink abstract details and pink Off-White zoom fly’s to complete the look. There is no denying the Houston Rockets pregame outfits and sneakers keeps fans on their toes for what looks he will serve next.

Kyle Kuzma

Source: Instagram/LeagueFits

Since coming into the league as a Laker, Kuzma has enjoyed the spoils of Los Angeles. His play as a rookie brought him some notoriety around the league but his off the court actions has brought him fame outside of the basketball world. Some of this stems from his high profile relationships with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens and Katya Henry, while another part of this fame has come from his superior fashion sense. Young and bold, Kuzma has taken it upon himself to be his own publicist to his 4.7 million Instagram followers where he routinely showcases his gameday ‘fits. He is a proud indivudualist when it comes to his fashion choices, championing his looks with confidence and charisma. A standout look from his collection is a sophisticated Italian cut turquoise suit flexing a bare chest. On the opposite end of the spectrum Kuzma shows a cozy street look, with a mustard yellow sweatsuit, matching beanie and a reflective teal bomber trench coat paired with his sponsored Puma sneakers. It remains to be seen if his play on the court or his personal life give more rise to his fame, but his fashion sense will undoubtedly remain relevant.

Lebron James


The best player in this NBA generation, LeBron James has been under the brightest of spotlights since he came into the league in 2003. The world, the game of basketball, and fashion has changed dramatically since then and James has been able to navigate all of these changes. If you need a reference, just look at his and the rest of the 2003 draft classes’ suits. Compared to other risk takers listed in this article, like PJ Tucker and Russell Westbrook, James likes to keep his threads more classic. He is not one to bandwagon on any latest fashion trend, whether it be questionable or not. The Laker’s forward likes to stick with neutral colors, and enjoys layered topcoats and a well tailored suit. He is not afraid to remix timeless pieces within his established style, notably his Thom Browne shorts suit that set the media on fire during the 2018 NBA Finals. His game to game style is more casual than this, yet still strikingly sharp. A classic look employed by James included a black leather jacket and sweatshirt, cuffed grey pants and a patterned Nike sneaker. James’ casual style is effortlessly sophisticated and put together, mirroring his cerebral play style he has morphed into later in his career.

Kevin Love


Famously called out by LeBron James back in 2015 to “Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN”, Love has since taken this as a hint to elevate his ‘fit game’ to the next level. Love has deemed Paul Newman as his stylistic inspiration, a man known for classic, relaxed and all American looks. The Cavaliers power forward sports a range of get-ups, from a crisp tailored Ralph Lauren suit to Nike x Supreme Overalls to a coordinated sweatsuit layered with a peacoat. He notes that he likes to combine vintage with contemporary pieces in his ensembles. Love exudes Newman’s mantra of being sharp yet dressed down, making his looks appealing and attainable to the everyday gentleman. I think we can all thank LeBron for giving Love a much needed push to reach his full fashion potential.

Kelly Oubre Jr.


A young gun in the NBA and the fashion game, Oubre has really came into the spotlight as of late. Known jokingly around the NBA Twitter community as one of the best looking players, Oubre doubles down on his looks by being one of the best dressed. He prides himself on being on the forefront of fashion waves, dubbing himself “Tsunami Papi” on his social media platforms. He is typically rocking a variety of high end fashion designers, but they are not just thrown together. The Suns forward says he does not use a stylist which makes his attire that much more impressive. If you were to construct a signature cocktail to epitomize his style it would be 2 parts rock n’ roll, 1 part skater with a dash of rebel youth. Shaken not stirred. With this established aesthetic, Oubre turns to designers such as Saint Laurent, Supreme and Givenchy to fill his wardrobe.

Dennis Schröder


Hailing from Germany, Schröder brings a European flavor to the pregame tunnel making it his own personal runway. He can be seen sporting one of his signature colorful beanies that seamlessly coordinates with the rest of his ensemble, which has led his teammates to crown him “The Beanie King.” He is not afraid to express himself in bold colors or daring prints, similar to his creative playing style as the point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Something that sets Schröder apart from his fellow NBA fashionistas is his ability to look fashion forward without the need to display high end designer logos and names across his chest. The overall aesthetic this point guard shoots for can ultimately be described as cozy, coordinated and effortlessly cool.

Dwyane Wade


A seasoned vet in the fashion game, Wade combines the business casual look while also reflecting the celebrity that he is in the brands that he showcases. Wade is not married to any one particular designer, mentioning in interviews that he’ll browse a wide variety and pick out particular items that he likes. During his career, Wade has made themes for himself to follow during a particular season, playoff run or something to compliment his hairstyle of the moment. He had a playoff run where he would mix jackets, polos, and pants with the Miami Heat colors of red, black and white. Another year he challenged himself to pull off fifty shades of grey, sporting only grey outfits. Wade’s look can be described as crisp, classy and relaxed, reflecting his personality that he now shows as a TNT analyst. An example of this vibe was seen in his outfit with a long white trench coat, striped turtleneck sweater and cropped trousers. Wade had Hall of Fame career, and his pregame outfits were no different in quality.