The Story of NiangTime and Growth of Georges’ Personal Brand

The explosion of Georges Naing’s personal brand and how NiangTime came to life.

We’re super excited about the launch of our new original series with Philadelphia 76ers’ Georges Niang called “NiangTime”. It’s a 6-part series that will give fans an inside look into his life beyond the court. Here’s how we got there…

We first connected with Georges in the Summer of 2021 prior to the NBA season and immediately recognized that he was one of the greatest undiscovered personalities in professional sports.

As a fan, it is easy to admire a player based on their ability, athleticism, style of play, and their stats. Who didn’t pretend to be their favorite player as a kid while practicing (or still doesn’t while draining buckets in the rec league). But often times, what sticks with us as fans and really solidifies our heroes is what players are like away from the game. 

We started out the creative process by launching a feature called “Breakfast with Nana”, where we teased the type of personality Georges has and his connection with his wonderful Grandmother. We stayed on the theme of food in our next feature and headed to Philly to hang with his personal Chef and how he fuels his body for peak performance.

The fun side of Georges became fullly apparent in our Go Weekend Go series. Every Friday, we produce a quick hype video to the song “Friday” to help Georges welcome in the weekend to his fans on social media. It’s a great showcase of his contagious energy!

Due in part to this creative foundation of his incredible content, Niang become a fan favorite in Philadelphia rather quickly. He’s also been having a career year on a very good Sixers team. We knew the fans wanted and needed more. So, we took our cameras to Philly to capture Georges going about his everyday life during the NBA season with goal to produce NiangTime.

“TorchPro’s mission is to inspire the next generation and that saying is something that truly resonates with me,” says Niang. “When I first began partnering with them and coming up with ideas for content, the idea of showing my true self – my habits, rituals, and hobbies – sounded really exciting. Pair that with a name like ‘NiangTime’ and how can you not get excited about making it happen!”

Episode 1 released on Wednesday, March 23rd as Georges walks us through his pregame life. Future episodes will air every Wednesday on through April 27th and feature different elements of Georges’ life such as his version of cribs, Philly Cheesesteak reviews, his life on road, private workouts and beyond.

“A lot of times, we only consider athletes in terms of their sport, and lose sight of the fact that they are people just like us,” said TorchPro’s Co-Founder, President & CRO Bryan Goodwin. “We strive to help athletes deepen their connections with fans through authentic storytelling and content. Helping Georges bring this series to life and to helping him share more of who he is as a person, not just a player, has been incredible and we know fans will love it.”

NaingTime Season 1 is just another step in “the process” for growth of Georges Niang and his story beyond the court.