UFC Spotlight: The 2020 “Knock Out” of the Year

“It’s not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving.”

Who doesn’t love a good knockout; knockouts never go out of style. With this year of 2020 being a terrible one, we still had some great KO’s that will not be forgotten for a while and even some that will go down in the history book. Let’s go down memory lane and look back at the best knock outs of 2020.

Honorable Mentions

Cody Garbrandt KO’s Raphael Assuncao (June 6th 2020)

Cody Garbrandt before facing Raphael Assuncao was put to sleep in three straight fights. He said no more and was on the other side of a KO, putting Assuncao to sleep in a vicious way. Using his speed and footwork to keep Assuncao from ever getting comfortable, Garbrandt would lure Assuncao in for the final blow. Assuncao playing the aggressor, resulted in a “holy shit” knockout, with Assuncao flat on his stomach. Garbrandt said. “Ya’ll must’ve forgot” and if he can stay calm and collected showed everyone he is still a player at 135 and 125 pounds.

Khaos Williams KO’s Abdul Razak Alhassan (November 14th 2020)

After coming off a 27 second KO of Alex Morono, Khaos Williams would drop everyone’s jaws once again in his fight against Abdul Razak Alhassan.  Khaos would display a kiss of death in his right hand when he landed flush on Alhassan’s chin. It was even more spine-chilling to see Alhassan and his impression of a plank of wood when he went stiff as a board as soon as he was touched. In his first two wins in the UFC, Khaos has KO’d both his opponents in under a minute combined. If you get hit by Khaos you will be waking up in an ambulance, and that’s a promise.

Kevin Holland KO’s Jacare Souza (December 12th 2020)

Holland, the “Morning Blitz Fighter of the Year”, would have won this award any other year, but we all know who’s KO was better. Holland stands 6’4” with a stupid 81-inch reach, rocked to one side and then swung back in the other direction as he punched. He generated so much force in his hand that he KO’d Souza basically unconscious. He got to his feet, and basically folded Souza while he was against the fence. Getting a KO from your back has happened only one other time in UFC history. Shout out to “Big Mouth” for backing up all his talk.

Morning Blitz “Knock Out” of the Year

Joaquin Buckley KO’s Impa Kasangnay (October 11th 2020)

To be honest we all knew what the “KO” of the year was going to be as it happened. Morning Blitz “KO” of the Year award goes to Joaquin Buckley for his out of this world spinning back heel KO of Impa Kasangnay in mid October. The funny thing is, Kasanganay had all the momentum with two dominant wins, while Buckley, was just slept by Kevin Holland in his debut in the Octagon. So, Buckley was a tremendous underdog, but he constantly pressured Kasanganay with bursts of violence that he has brought in every fight. On to the KO, Kasanganay caught a body kick and seemed to take a moment to plan his next move. Buckley responded by rewarding Kasanganay with a foot to the face. Buckley unleashed a spinning back kick straight out of a video game that landed flush on Kasanganay’s chin as he remained standing, stiff as a board. Joaquin Buckley showed that he is a highlight waiting to happen whether he wins or loses. This is a KO that will never be forgotten in UFC history, leading “KO” of the Year in 2020