Georges Niang joins TorchPro to Inspire Greatness!

The Philadelphia 76ers Power Forward becomes the first NBA TorchPro Athlete

Motivation is a driving force for everyone, and where that source comes from varies from person to person. For Philadelphia 76ers’ Power Forward, Georges Niang, that motivation comes from his family and inspiring greatness within future generations of athletes.

Family has always been a motivator and a fundamental piece to Niang’s success and his story. Growing up in the small town of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Niang looks forward to coming home and especially looks forward to visiting his Nana, with whom he has shared a deep bond his entire life. “My family has always been a huge source of motivation for me. I remember when I was a sophomore in high school and she came to see the first game of the season and I was starting, but after the game, she came up to me and says ‘thank god your team was winning by so much so that you could get in the game’,” says Niang with a laugh, “it was so funny to me at the time but it also motivated me to be better.”

Niang’s family helps him with more than just wanting to be better, throughout his life they have helped him to reach his goals, through practicing sports with him or even helping keep his diet on track and eat healthier. “To perform my best, I know that I have to take care of my body and be mindful of what I put into it,” says Niang. “Growing up, my nana always made some of the best meals I have ever eaten, and now, she still makes me incredible meals but puts a little more emphasis on the healthy choices.”

Now, when Niang puts on his new number 20 Philadelphia 76ers jersey, he feels the drive to inspire the next generation of fans and feels an extra sense of motivation. He thinks back to when he was growing up in Massachusetts and putting on his Celtics jersey. Knowing that there are fans that are looking up to him as a role model or get happiness from seeing him and his team play well, gives him an extra push to play and train harder.

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