Rob Bellamy Becomes a TorchPro Athlete!

Rob becomes the first retired athlete to join the TorchPro platform


Rob Bellamy is no stranger to TorchPro or the mission to inspire greatness through authentic storytelling. In fact, Rob can often be found behind the camera for a lot of the content on the TorchPro platform. As a retired athlete living the transition to a new career and growing their personal brand, Rob is an incredible asset to the TorchPro family.

Growing up in Riverside, Rhode Island, Rob began his journey with the sport of hockey. At the age of six, the Bellamy family headed to western Massachusetts, where Rob’s passion and skills for the sport continued to grow (alongside his sister, Gold Medal-Winning TorchPro athlete, Kacey Bellamy). After years of youth hockey, Rob joined his first travel team and began playing a more competitive level, but he considers his own turning point in the sport to have come at the age of fourteen when he joined the Connecticut Clippers in the Atlantic Junior Hockey League where his skills were really challenged. Rob continued playing hockey throughout his school career, earning a scholarship to the University of Maine during his junior year of high school. As grade school came to a close, he joined the New England Jr. Coyotes and was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers. He then attended the University of Maine and signed an entry deal with the Flyers right after he finished his senior season. Rob played seven years of professional hockey throughout minor leagues in the States and overseas.

That senior year at the University of Maine would play more of a role in Rob’s future than he ever could have initially realized. It was during this time that Rob first picked up a guitar and began falling in love with playing and writing his own music. 

“I retired from hockey at the age of thirty, but a year or two before I had decided that music would be the next endeavor that I wanted to pursue,” states Bellamy. “Looking back on it now, I probably started thinking about this transition later than I should have, and one of the things that I am so excited about when it comes to joining TorchPro is that I can share these experiences and learnings with the next generations of athletes because I’ve lived it.”

Since his retirement from professional hockey, Rob has been focusing on playing music and breaking into the country music scene. He can often be found on stage or in a small intimate venue that is ideal for his singer-songwriter sound where he feels he can truly and authentically connect with listeners.

“We are thrilled to welcome Rob into the portfolio of TorchPro athletes,” says CRO and Co-Founder Bryan Goodwin. “As a professional athlete that is in the process of building his own personal brand, navigating into a new career after sports, and telling and creating authentic content, Rob has been an incredible person to work with and truly is an inspirational story in his own right.”

Check out Rob Bellamy’s athlete profile on TorchPro to see his exclusive content and how he is inspiring greatness in future generations.