Tess Hackworthy

Interests & Values
Inspiring Greatness, Skin Cancer Awareness, Having Fun, Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Family
  • Sport

  • Current League

    Symetra Tour
  • College

    University of Wisconsin
  • Hometown

    Madison, WI
  • Birthday

    September 5th, 1996

Skin Cancer Awareness

Tess was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was a freshman in college and has been battling it ever since. Having a job where she is outside all the time, she cannot hide from the beastly sun. She hopes to help inform, educate and encourage others in my shoes to take care of themselves and their skin.

Health and Wellness

Tess is a very active person off the golf course and loves to explore and adventure! She is committed to health and well-being following a well-rounded diet and sticking to a specific workout regimen. Both of which have played key roles in the progression of her career.


Her family are the most important people in my life. She describes them as extremely supportive in all that she does and all that she hopes to achieve. They are her best friends!