Joe Pavelski

“Captain America” | Most NHL Playoff Goals by US-born Player

Interests & Values
Golfing, Fishing, Leadership, Wisconsin, Entrepreneur, Inspiring Greatness, Fitness, Hard Work
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    Dallas Stars
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  • Hometown

    Plover, WI
  • Birthday

    July 11, 1984

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Joe’s Path to the Pros

A 6-part series that highlights Joe’s journey from small-town Wisconsin to NHL superstar. Episode 1 highlights Joe falling in love with the game of hockey through family, school, and his high school coach in rural Wisconsin…



Hockey Career

Pavelski (aka “Captain America”) is only the ninth player in NHL history to be selected in the seventh round who reached 1,000 games played, and he also holds the record for most playoff goals (61) by a United States-born player.

This veteran spent the first 13 seasons of his NHL career with the San Jose Sharks, appearing in 963 regular-season games in a Sharks sweater before joining the Stars in 2019. “Throughout his entire career, Joe has displayed an elite level of play that is equally matched by his leadership. There is a reason that he was a team captain in San Jose, and it quickly became apparent when he joined the Stars, just how great of a teammate he is. He is a true family man and reaching this milestone couldn’t be done without the support of his wife Sarah and son Nathan. He has a lot left to accomplish in this game, and we’re thrilled that he’ll do it in a Stars sweater.” – Stars General Manager Jim Nill.


The Plover-born athlete and entrepreneur ’embraced the apron’ during Covid-19, stepping up to serve the community as Co-Owner of Lean Feast – Madison, then inevitably got back on the ice as an NHL playoff headline-maker.

Settled in Wisconsin with his wife and son, Pavelski stick to his roots during the offseason training at the University of Wisconsin, with Badgers strength and conditioning coach Jim Snider. When he’s not spending family time at home, or at UW training, there’s a good chance he’s on the course at Stevens Point Country Club, or somewhere out in nature.

Golf & Fishing

Pavelski’s hockey game is world-class, but his other athletic skills are no slouch either.

Different sports, same mentality. Pavelski says his favorite aspect of golf is the consistency that it requires, as well as the mental side of the game. He says it’s a nice balance going from a team-oriented sport to the individual dynamic found in golf. When it comes to fishing he explained,  “I enjoy the calming aspect that I get from being out on the water and outdoors in general.” Lake Waubesa is a favorite spot for this star.

The Entrepreneur

Yes, there’s even more to this NHL superstar; family man, fisherman, golfer… and he’s also a businessman. Pavelski is Co-Founder of TorchCo and Co-Owner of Lean Feast in Madison, amongst other exciting ventures that are always in the queue.

Pavs has found parallels between sports and business. “One thing I’ve learned from my experiences is that a good team can go a long way. There will always be ups and downs, in sports and in business, but it’s important to stay present and involved in the process, then make strides after each hurdle.” He wears many hats, but always embraces the same mentality, philosophy and commitment with each – which is the ultimate key to success.